Salestrak helps you analyze your business better.

From better lead and enquiries management to tracking and forecasting your business sales.
We will advice, direct and support the team in your path to success.

About Us

Scalable Integrated Dynamic Secure SOLutions

We build complex business applications as per your requirement, where no off-the-shelf products can do justice. An installable application , web browser or mobile phone based solution on your network / multi location connected / on a remote server behind a secure firewall - we can build them all.


Our expertise lies in providing customized solutions that scale up as your business grows. As a company, we have a very strong commitment to quality and believe in providing top quality support to all our customers post launch to ensure our softwares and solutions continue to function with almost zero downtime.

ASP 3.0, Visual Basic 6.0, VB 3.0 for Windows CE, .NET Technologies, PHP, Adobe Air, Ruby on Rails, Java 3.0, Servlets, JSP, Android, iOS development (iPhone) amongst others

Oracle, DB2, MS-Sql Server, mySQL, Sql Lite

MS Windows, AIX 4.0, Sun Solaris, Linux, Mac

MVC Struts.

Business Objects 5.1.3, Cognos, Create Form v5.

IIS,WAMP, IBM Web Sphere 3.5/4.0, JRun3.0, Jakarta Tomcat-4.0, JBoss