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    Please find below a few of our interesting work.
e-Catalogue CLIENT: Bhoruka Aluminium Ltd. Mysore
To design and develop a user friendly searchable E-Catalogue, which would be used by the Customers of Bhoruka Aluminum as an installable application, that will sync with the remote Database and update content automatically, as well as an online catalogue updated by the Admin.

KEY MODULES AND FEATURES a. Admin Module: To Create/Update the data and Images at real-time onto the central database. Ability to Backup database and Directories.

b. Marketing Module: To view Client Registration Information, Login and Update Details and indication of Mail receipt from Client. Message to add Pop-Up messages to be viewed by the clients while they login.

c. Client Module: 1. Application Installed on the Desktop, which will have certain static pages of showcasing and introduction along with a search catalogue (By Section No / Category). Option to select a particular/ multiple sections and request for quotation, wherein the mail will be sent to the Admin/Marketing Dept. 2. Individual Client Specific Automatic check for latest downloads available (Data/Images and any updates to the software) depending on his last update downloaded. 3. Receive Pop up messages from Marketing.

d. Web E-Catalogue: Online version of the Catalogue with capabilities to search items based on Category and Section Number and request for Quote.
Fundcal CLIENT: India Life Capital India life is handling the security market, which is also called the debt market or Government securities market. Basically investment money is pulled from the trust and invested in the security market through various instruments.


For each activity data is stored on their master, which needs to be pulled to create the deal/sale for the security to a customer.

The Application stores and Manages all the investments for about 150 trusts and used for cash flow tracking, earnings forecast, Rational based Recommendations, Option list generation, deal generation of various bond type with calculation of Yield to maturity, mark to market, Interest and redemptions generation, Internal MIS generation and other back office operations.

Intranet Application CLIENT: Freescale Semiconductor

The objective of the project is to ensure that Freescale India internal website is a one-step information house for the employees on the development that are taking place in India at both the centers. It also communicates the new policies and guidelines laid down by diff. support department.

Builds a culture of sharing and collaboration & facilitates organizational learning.


The IAP Pediatric Drug is a Project of IAPCMIC (belongs to Indian Academy of Pediatrics), was completed in Dec 2004. All the IAP subchapters submitted the treatment recommendations for various pediatric illnesses pertaining to their respective specialty which has been edited to provide brief, to-the-point guidelines to drug therapy for almost every pediatric disease.


The installed application is searchable for disease wise IAP recommendations for drug therapy of most pediatric illnesses and for every aspect of drug monographs of medications used in pediatric practice with a few brand names chosen randomly. It has an excellent desktop reference containing 329 pages crammed with all that a doctor needs to know about drug therapy in pediatrics.

Quarterly web updates were made available to the users free of cost as the IAP Executive Board considered it as a service to pediatric care in our country. Along with this an Online Desktop and PDA version of the IAP Drug Formulary has been developed. With the Development of this new website it is now easier to register and retrieve passwords, download the latest update online for the application, search thedrug database online on their desktops or mobile phones/PDAs via an internet access (either GPRS enabled or WiFi connected).

The search mode for both web and mobile is quick and is sure to be very popular among users all over the world. This voluminous data would be the basis for developing a continuing dialogue on treatment modalities recommended by IAP for which a Committee may be formulated. The drug monographs for every medication used in pediatrics has been compiled. The brand names for each drug have been limited to 2-3 brands that illustrate the complete uses of the drug.

During the Pedicon 2013 held in Kolkata (January 19, 2013), we have launched IAP Drug Formulary as a Mobile app on 4 platforms - iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian.

Himalaya School Health Software CLIENT: Himalaya Herbal Healthcare This software was developed in association with a leading Pediatrician from Bangalore. The software developed was to be installed in various school in India to capture the child health and growth details on a secure platform.

KEY MODULES AND FEATURES a. School Module: The school registers the students class wise into the software by capturing the required personal details, medical history, immunization schedules etc. Each child would be given their web login access for their parents to login and view the school health records of their child.

b. Doctor Module: During the school health checkup or during their visits (in case of residential schools), the doctors feed in the medical / growth / clinical test details into the software. Reports can be drawn at the end of the school health checkup on the number of students needing speciality medical check up. The data once fed can be used till the child leaves the school.

c. Parents Module: The data captured over the years can be tracked by the respective parent of the child. Reports generated are in PDF / printable formats. Security of the data captured is stored in encryped formats in the database and only valid logins are allowed to view the required data.