Leather accessories online and retail store solution

Leather accessories online and retail store solution
SIDSSOL built an end to end solution to manage the warehouse, the multiple retail stores and the ecommerce website.

The Client
The client is a leading Mumbai based group selling leather accessories of the highest quality throughout India also catering to international customers in Australia, Germany, the Middle East, Nepal, Spain, Switzerland and UK since 1965.

Business Need
The client wanted to integrate the flagship store and the other stores in India, so that the inventory and billing done in each of the stores can be tracked from the head office and also control the purchases, track movements of stock within the stores and the warehouse. In addition, they also wanted an online ecommerce store which would have real-time inventory based on stock in warehouse.

Our Solution
SIDSSOL came up with an integrated and phase wise approach connecting the website, the flagship store, the warehouse and the multiple stores around the country.
  • Phase I: Developed the store and warehouse management solution and got it working as a standalone solution, with data having to be exported and imported in at end of day to tally the stocks.

  • Phase II: Integrated the stores, the flagship store and the warehouse so that they sync data between them seamlessly and there is a real-time access to reports and inventory.

  • Phase III: Developed an e-commerce website which was customised to suit the product line and options required by the client and provided multiple shipping and payment options to the online customers with discounts and vouchers.

SIDSSOL also built a solution on a mobile device to get a physical stock check of each item in inventory and store shelves to get an analysis of system to physical check process done periodically.

SIDSSOL helped the client achieve the following benefits:
  • Was able to deliver a robust solution which was able to integrate the solutions and work seamlessly in sync with each other.

  • Real-time tracking, monitor and analysis of the entire solution with a single interface for the management and supervisors from the flagship stores.

  • Saved valuable time during physical stock check, porting data across individual stores data and the website.

Achieved greater visibility into business performance and analysis resulting in improved and concentrated approach on sales and management.